for Tuesday, November 23 - frock
November 25-27 -NO SCHOOL
for Monday, November 30 - avalanche
for Tuesday, December 1 - swindle
for Wednesday, December 2 - obi
for Thursday, December 3 - renaissance
for Friday, December 4 - femur
for Monday, December 7 - farrier
for Tuesday, December 8 - turret
for Wednesday, December 9 - podiatrist
for Thursday, December 10 - won ton
for Friday, December 11 - dromedary
for Monday, December 14 - a la mode
for Tuesday, December 15 - jubilee
for Wednesday, December 16 - flatware
for Thursday, December 17 - equestrian
for Friday, December 18 - attorney
for Monday, December 21 - chaps
for Tuesday, December 22 - kilt
for Wednesday, December 23 - Monday, January 4 - NO SCHOOL
for Tuesday, January 5 - chateau
for Wednesday, January 6 - wainscot
for Thursday, January 7 - mukluk
for Friday, January 8 - hammock
for Monday, January 11 - termite
for Tuesday, January 12 - villain
for Wednesday, January 13 - odometer
for Thursday, January 14 - corridor
for Friday, January 15 - veal
for Monday, January 18 - NO SCHOOL
for Tuesday, January 19 - foliage
for Wednesday, January 20 - southpaw
for Thursday, January 21 - heirloom
for Friday, January 22 - knapsack
for Monday, January 25 - bustle
for Tuesday, January 26 - fez
for Wednesday, January 27 - pier
for Thursday, January 28 - cumulus
for Friday, January 29 - vendor
for Monday, February 1 - tassel
for Tuesday, February 2 - medal
for Wednesday, February 3 - moat
for Thursday, February 4 - oasis

Word-A-Day Requirements

At the beginning of each school year your child will be required to come to school with a package of index cards. These cards are for completing their word-a-day. Your child will also need a plastic organizer for their index cards. This works very well to have a place to put all their word-a-day cards so they are not scattered all over in their desk. It is really nice if you the organizer comes with tabs to separate the cards.

Each night your child will come home with a new word of the day. I do not tell the children what the word means or how to pronounce the word. That is the main idea of the assignment. They must come the next day knowing what the word means and how to pronounce it. When describing the word to the class, they are able to use any resource that they can think of. They are only allowed to bring a definition once a week. The other days they can use clay to make a model, they can draw a picture, get a picture from the internet, or even bring in some object that relates to the word-a-day.

**This is an educational show and tell. Help your child each night to have a great word-a-day to share with his/her classmates.